Get A DOT SAP And Counseling Services 

Michele Hunter, EdD, LPC, SAP


DOT SAP Evaluation


Face to Face assessments offered by appointment only:

975 Gaines School Road Bldg, 4

Athens, Georgia 30605


Appointments are usually offered within 24-48 hours. Remote assessments are also being allowed by the US Department of Transportation for a brief period of time.


The SAP Process consist of :

A clinicial evaluation to determine the appropriate level of care

Coordination of services with an employer

Referral for treatment and case management

Follow-up assessment and monitoring for compliance


The SAP process is only for an employee in a DOT safety sensitive position that has violated a US Department of Transportation Federal Drug and Alcohol regulation.


Non DOT Evaluation

In some cases, a NON DOT assessment is done as some employers recognize the quality of the assessment by a SAP provider. Assessments are affordable and done in a timely manner.




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